‘I am the one who knocks’: Breaking Bad props coming to Kelowna

Full-sized drug lab, prison cell, and chicken restaurant from hit show will be on display.

Walt and Jessie are taking their business to Kelowna.

Used props from the hit AMC show ‘Breaking Bad’ will be on display from July 15-17 at the Kelowna Fan Experience, hosted by Empire Movie Memorabilia.

The show won dozens of awards during its five-season stretch, including four Primetime Emmys for Bryan Cranston, who played the protagonist (or antagonist, depending on how you see it) everyday dad Walter White/drug lord Heisenberg.

Fans will have the opportunity to visit a full-scale drug lab from the show, a full-size prison cell, and a full-size ‘Los Pollo Hermanos’, the chicken restaurant in the show owned by Walt’s on-and-off boss, Gus Fring.

Each section will feature actual props used on the show, as well as 12 mannequins wearing screen-used costumes – including white hazmat suits worn by Walt and Jessie.

Some props will even be on sale.

Kelowna Fan Experience will be held at various locations downtown. More information and tickets can be found here.

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