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Kelowna RCMP initiate Inadmissible Patrons Policy for the summer

The goal of the program is to ensure community safety from individuals involved in violent and organized crime

Kelowna RCMP is operating its Inadmissible Patrons Policy (IPP) for the 11th year this summer. 

The voluntary program is a partnership between local businesses, the RCMP and the City of Kelowna with the goal of ensuring community safety from individuals involved in violent and organized crime.

The IPP gives police the authority, under the BC Trespass Act, to identify and escort inadmissible patrons off the premises on behalf of participating businesses, including bars, restaurants and hotels. 

Criteria for inadmissibility under the program are:

  • Organized crime and gang members and known associates;
  • Individuals involved in the drug trade through conviction or other police databases;
  • Individuals with a history of violent criminal activity or firearms offences;
  • An individual who is subject to a Duty-to-Warn.

“The goal of the IPP is to ensure the safety of our community from those who choose to live a high-risk lifestyle” said Cpl. Guillaume Tanguay with the Proactive Enforcement Unit. “This program is the most proactive approach to deter public violence before it occurs.”

Businesses interested in this program can contact the Kelowna Proactive Enforcement Unit at

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