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Crafting eco-friendly dwellings in Revelstoke with precision and care

Local builders uses prefabrication to build better, quicker, and on fixed price contracts
Unlike traditional homebuilding, Adaptive Homes team is redefining how homes are made, and lived in.

Unlike traditional homebuilding, Adaptive Homes is redefining how homes are made, and lived in. Their prefabricated home building process ensures that BC’s Step Code 5 Energy Standard is always met. It’s a process that proves more efficient in construction and creates a home that consumes less energy day to day.

Holding the highest level of efficiency rating - also known as Step Code 5 - in the province, Adaptive Homes is committed to serving not only the community, but also protecting the environment.

From well-insulated walls and floors to crisp and clean air quality, every aspect of Adaptive Homes process ensures efficiency and high quality, which ultimately creates eco-friendly dwellings, on attractive timelines.

From well-insulated walls and floors to crisp and clean air quality, every aspect of Adaptive Homes process ensures efficiency and high quality.

“We’re so pleased with the functionality of our home,” says past client Leah, who moved into her home in 2021. “The exceptional air quality, energy efficiency, and resulting low utility bills make it a pleasure to live in! Our home is modern, bright, and intelligently designed. Any small issues that have come up have been responded to professionally and handled efficiently. We highly recommend working with Adaptive Homes!”

Beyond the efficiency, what allows Adaptive Homes to stand out in Revelstoke’s tight housing market is their ability to accommodate the needs of your build, within budget. Whether you want a home near the town or would rather live off the grid, their approach allows them to seamlessly adapt to your needs , while working with a fixed-price contract.

Four simple steps to building your own dream home!

Contact the team: During this phase, you’ll gain insights into the Adaptive Homes process while the Adaptive team gains a broad overview of your project’s unique needs.

In-Depth Discussion: In this phase, you and the developer will determine the most suitable design approach—be it a customized predesign or full pre-design—along with a timeline and price, including conceptual pricing for customized options.

Design Proposal & Review: With your needs and design approach now established, you’ll receive a design for review and approval. After sorting out the concept and budget, the design stage begins — this is when your vision really starts to take shape!

Realizing Your Vision: After prefabrication and foundation, the modules and panels are transported to your site. The installation crew, aided by a crane, prepares for the ‘set day,’ where most home modules are placed onsite! Finishing work takes between two to six weeks, depending on the project’s complexity.

Inspired by quality design, nature and human connection, Adaptive Homes has been serving young professionals and families in Revelstoke since 2017! Learn more about what goes into an Adaptive Home at or contact them directly at (250) 805-0274 to get started on building your dream home!