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5 days, 5 calls: Penticton rescue team caps off week by saving hiker

Helping injured cyclist, hiker among this week’s rescues for PENSAR
Penticton Search and Rescue helping an injured hiker on Sunday, May 12, in the Naramata Falls area. (Photo- PENSAR)

What started as a training day turned into something much more for Penticton Search and Rescue (PENSAR) on Sunday, May 12, as they capped off a busy week.

The local rescue team responded to five calls from May 8 to 12, and finished things off on Mother’s Day by helping an injured hiker in the Naramata Falls area.

PENSAR was tasked with transporting the hiker to the waiting ambulance after the individual sustained a serious lower leg injury and was unable to walk.

Ten members completed a stretcher carry for 800 meters, said PENSAR, who less than 48 hours earlier was rescuing an injured cyclist by helicopter in the Three Blind Mice area.

Before the local rescue team was sent out on Sunday to help the hiker, PENSAR members took part in high-angle rope exercises near Lost Moose Lodge.

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