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Keep mosquitoes at bay: RDCO

Mosquitoes peak between mid-June and the end of July in the Central Okanagan
The RDCO advises residents to get rid of stagnant water in pots and old tires to prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs in them. (Regional District of Central Okanagan)

The Regional District of Central Okanagan (RDCO) has a few tips on how residents can keep mosquitoes at bay this summer.

The district has been working on larval mosquito control since mid-April, but the cooler and wetter than normal weather we’ve had lately may not last, which means the mosquitoes may still come back.

Some of the RDCO’s tips include:

  • Remove standing water sources and unused items that collect water, such as old tires, plant pots or garbage cans.
  • Cover rain barrels with a screen so mosquitoes can’t lay their eggs in the water
  • Change birdbath, wading pool and pet bowl water at least twice a week
  • Remove water sitting in unused swimming pools or on swimming pool covers
  • Aerate water in ponds or add fish that will feed on mosquito larvae

Mosquitoes usually peak between mid-June and the end of July in the Central Okanagan.

Residents can protect themselves by using insect repellents, wearing loose and light coloured clothing, minimizing activities near treed and bushy areas at dawn and dusk, and repairing and replacing window screens to help prevent mosquitoes from entering homes.

The RDCO’s Mosquito Control program keeps potential mosquito development sites in check, in partnership with Duka Environmental Ltd. Residents in the participating areas of the program can report their mosquito concerns through the regional district’s website.

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