Pride Flag. (Conributed)

Pride Flag. (Conributed)

Kelowna Pride Society sponsors new live stream elevating underrepresented voices

The new show launches on July 14 on Unicorn LIVE

The Kelowna Pride Society has announced its sponsorship of ‘Voices Unheard,’ a new live stream series designed to elevate voices and bring greater awareness to underrepresented members of society, including people of various racial backgrounds, sexuality, gender identity/expression, age, and ability.

Presented by Unicorns.LIVE, host Jessica Samuels will engage a different guest each week in a conversation about the challenges they have faced or continue to struggle with, giving them a space to share their experiences and to help them to tell their stories.

“We love the vision behind this series,” said Kelowna Pride president Rick Andre.

“We’re delighted to be able to partner with Unicorns.LIVE to make it a reality, and look forward to hearing stories from some of the ‘unheard’ members of our society. We see time and again how critically important it is that we give space to those who are underrepresented in our current society. We hope you’ll join us to hear these important stories.”

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Kelowna’s Dustin Dufault will join Jessica Samuels for the first episode. Dufault grew up in the Kaska First Nation in northern British Columbia and southeastern Yukon but has lived in Kelowna for over 10 years now. Dustin will share his experience of being an indigenous, two-spirit drag artist and finding his way in the world.

Part of the charm and challenge of the series is that it is 100 per cent live and unedited, something executive producer and owner of Rebellious Unicorns Dustyn Baulkham relishes.

“COVID-19 had a dramatic impact on our business and the events we’re able to produce,” said Baulkham.

“Step one was working out how to continue paying the bills, but just as important was finding a way to continue serving the community. I’m really excited about the direction and vision for Unicorns.LIVE, it’s authentic, unfiltered, fun and thrilling. 100 per cent live poses its challenges, but that’s all part of the magic.”

Voices Unheard will air live every Tuesday at 5 p.m. on Unicorns.LIVE.

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