Peachland to decide on bringing climate action coordinator

Peachland to decide on bringing climate action coordinator

The position will cost the district $100,000 a year

The District of Peachland is set to make a decision on whether they’ll take on a climate action and special projects coordinator or not during the Sept. 29 council meeting.

During the Jan. 28 council meeting, the Mayor’s Task Force on Climate Change (MTFCC) requested that the district create a new position focused on climate action. The district council then directed staff to review the potential position, what the coordinator’s duties would be and how they would be working with other staff services.

The request, and the idea for the new position, came as the district made climate action a priority. Initially, climate action-focused projects were distributed to several district staff members but with their own projects and responsibilities, this meant a reduction in staff productivity within their core duties as well as special climate initiatives.

In a report, staff indicated the position will cost the district approximately $100,000 annually as it supports Peachland’s operations, planning and community services and helps steer the district towards its climate targets.

The position is designed to assist the district’s planning services the most, ensuring Peachland’s initiatives are sustainable. The climate action coordinator will also be responsible for preparing grants for district projects.

Staff have given the mayor and council three choices: to support the new position, to ask staff for additional information, or they can also choose not to support the new position.

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