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VIDEO: Fresh produce growing at Kelowna’s Tent City

Corn, leafy greens, watermelon and tomatoes are some of the produce being tended to at Tent City
Tent City is blooming thanks to hard work from residents at the encampment. (Jacqueline Gelineau/Capital News)

Kelowna’s Tent City is bountiful despite the heat, for the second year.

A community garden at the city-managed homeless encampment along the Rail Trail at the intersection of Richter Street and Weddell Place has been carefully tended to by residents since the spring and as a result, the harvest is bountiful.

The project was started by Tent City residents Debbie and Garth in 2022 after they were gifted a few seedlings. This year, wood chip-covered area surrounding the encampment is blossoming with vegetables, berries and flowers.

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An influx of donated seeds, seedlings and lawn ornaments have transformed the area into a flourishing garden that provides residents with nutritious food.

Multiple residents of the encampment, who asked not to be named, were proud to report that they have been pitching in and helping to water, weed, prune and protect the garden this year.

Tending to a garden in the heat is back breaking and exhausting work, but Tent City residents say that it is worth it for the beauty and value that it adds to their home.

Garth, one of the founders of the community-driven project said that he is most excited for the watermelon and corn that will soon be ready to harvest.

He said that anyone in need of food is welcome to pick some produce and encourages people to help out or donate plants and gardening equipment to the cause.


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